• Shaun Krawitz

Bike fits, why to get one and how I conduct mine.

I see the fit process as an ongoing relationship with my clients, a bit like bike servicing.

Many things influence how we feel on the bike, such as fitness and flexibility, lifestyle (work/family/recreation) and injuries. As these things change (for the better or worse) the way we interact with our bicycle(s) will also change.

Benefits of a bike fit

Proper and ongoing bike fits will help to improve:

1. Comfort (on the bike and off)
2. Power output
3. Handling (aerodynamics)

...as your body changes.

My initial bike fit

I run an initial consult to discuss history, goals and riding style(s). I'll do an off bike assessment, on bike assessment, video/picture analysis).

I highly recommend a follow up fit within 3 months to ensure everything is feeling good and whether changes need to be made based on your feedback.

There after, just like servicing your bike, I recommend coming back every 6 months to check-in and tweak position if necessary.

What's the cost?

$120 initial, follow ups $60.
If you'd like to book a bike fit, or ask a question - get in touch

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