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  • Work is charged by the hour, and you won't be over charged for the work completed;

  • Work is discussed and agreed upon before undertaking;

  • No up-selling or extras that you don't need, however...

  • Attention to detail and personalised suggestions might be made;

  • Quality, attention to detail, work is undertaken with care


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Bicycle servicing and repairs

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How often should you get a service?


Benefits of regular servicing

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Bicycle fits

Getting a bike fit can feel like an expensive indulgence reserved for pro cyclists. But it isn't really—good bike fit is just as important as investment as the bike itself, and can not only increase your comfort on the bike, but make you faster and stronger without a single interval or endurance ride..

How often should you get a personalised bike fit?


Benefits of regular fittings

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Bicycle builds

I'm experienced in building bikes.... xxx more details



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Let's work together

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