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I have known Shaun for 5 years since moving to Melbourne from London in 2016. He is 'hands down,' the best bike mechanic I have come across. I have 5 bikes - single speed, road and gravel - aluminium, steel, titanium. Shaun has helped with servicing, upgrades and bespoke tweaking with all of them. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable, reliable and provides a truly individualized service. He is absolutely trustworthy and will not over charge or suggest unnecessary replacement parts on your bike. Shaun is passionate about all things bikes and cycling and I cannot recommend him more highly.

Geoff Cloud


I never thought it was possible but Shaun made my 6yr old bike that’s done 26,000km feel like new again with a rebuild. He’s so knowledgeable and passionate about getting the little things right, like shifters being equal height and bar tape being symmetrical.


As well as all the fundamental stuff like gears and bearings rolling perfectly smooth and silent. And all at a great price too; Melbourne’s loss is the Sunshine Coast’s gain!

Clarke Vincent



Shaun serviced my Pinarello like no one ever done it before. The bike gears are super smooth, his knowledge is incredible and on top of all he is a great person and now I can call him a FRIEND. I honestly say thank you.

Michael Placidi


Shaun is the best mechanic I have come across. He is so meticulous and is a super friendly. He always picks up things that most mechanics don’t. If you’re in town definitely go check him out!




Shaun is an excellent mechanic and great guy. He's built several bikes for me over the years and is very particular about details. Highly recommended!

Mark Ferguson

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